Dato’ Sri Tahir: Education and Visionary Thinking Are Means of Developing Indonesia

Indonesia has natural resource abundance and is geographically located in equator so that it is called zamrud khatulistiwa (emerald of the equator). However, the national wealth is vain because this country is getting more underdeveloped that other countries. Education is a vital area to improve to enhance this nation’s competitiveness. Indeed, Indonesian people are required be visionary.

In a public lecture on ‘Poverty, Philanthropy, and Community Empowerment’ by Dato’ Sri Prof. Dr. Tahir, MBA on Wednesday (7/11) at Building of A.R. Fachruddin A, he stated,” Education is a means to shift a nation’s condition. If Indonesia dreams of being a developed country, the education should be changed.”

At the public lecture participated by university leaderships, lecturers, postgraduate students of UMY, Tahir conveyed that there are several ways in order that higher education can yield quality academicians. “The higher education should create a curriculum beneficial for the next 20-40 years, and collaborate with industries in order that students can apply what they have learned. Indeed, research is a must for higher education. Even though it takes long time and a lot of funds, I believe that the research will be valuable. We may not expect excellent results without endeavor” declared Tahir.

Tahir, a founder of Tahir Foundation, regretted that many higher education institutions have graduates without prioritizing sciences.

At the end of the public lecture, Tahir contended that there are four types. “They were ones who follow the flow, responsible people, committed people, and ones who are able to be visionary and change the world. Education is not sufficient to shift the world. We need helps from visionary people,” he mentioned.

Last, Tahir advised that the philanthropy is not a sense of compassion, but commitment. In fact, people should dare to go out of the box to commence something new. “The great wealth will emerge huge responsibilities,” he emphasized.

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