Dasron Hamid Cup of UMY Accommodates High School Students to Boost their Talent

Many teenagers commonly seek their identity and enhance their capability when they are in high school. Most of them are interested in football to spend their leisure time. The high school age becomes a start for football players to have a career in Indonesian football.  Thus, football for high school students should get better attention.

Based on the background, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) collaborating with PSIM and KONI of Yogyakarta conducted a football tournament for high school, namely Dasron Hamid Cup. Besides being one of the events to commemorating UMY’s anniversary, it becomes an occasion for high school students for showing their talent.

The cup was officially opened by Rector of UMY Dr. Ir. Gunawan Budiyanto on 2 April 2018 at a football field of UMY, and it will end on 5 April. The opening was also attended by family of the former rector of UMY the deceased Dasron Hamid, Bambang Kuncoro, and head of Asprov PSSI DIY. In his remark, Bambang Kuncoro advised youth to stay away from negative association.

“I wish that the Dasron Hamid Cup becomes a positive activity for high school students to enhance their capability in playing football. Hence, the youth can be more productive and smart to make friends,” declared Bambang.

Meanwhile, Rector of UMY Dr. Ir. Gunawan Budiyanto expected that the tournament could run fairly and bring good impacts on Indonesian football.

In addition, Chief of the cup Koco Pramono stated that the tournament named after Dasron Hamid who concerned with education and were fond of football.

He also informed that there are eight high school football teams winning a football competition in regent level in Yogyakarta and Central Java, namely SMA Muhammadiyah Bantul (Muhiba), SMAN 2 Playen (Gunung Kidul), SMA Pengasih (Kulo Progo), SMA Tanjungsari, SMA Muhammadiyah 1, SMAN 4 Yogyakarta, SMAN 5 Magelang, and SMA Seyegan Sleman. “The team will compete tightly because they are the best team in their regent,” told Koco when the match between Muhiba and SMAN 2 Playen.

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