Communication Science Students of UMY Achieve Ajisaka Award 2015


Communication Science students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY), namely Hasan Basri and M.Regga Hendarto, achieved a bronze medal for Sadewa (SayembaraDewa  Pariwara) of Ajisaka award on Saturday  (21/11) at Graha Sahma Permana, University of Gadjah Mada(UGM).

Ajisaka is an annual prize contest of communication field like film, photography, advertising, and public relations. Ajisaka had four contest categories namely Arjuna (Ajang Citra Berjuta Warna), Kresna (Kreasi Insani Sinema), Prahasta (Pertempuran Humas Nusantara), and Sadewa (Dewa Pariwara contest).

“We joined the advertising contest, and the category was Sadewa,” Hasan informed. He told that his team’s advertisement was entitled ‘Funtastik’ which was TVC 30 seconds telling that children’ behaviors are influenced by what they watch. “For instance, when watching hard rock, the children may become street kids. On the other hand, if they watch an Islamic study, they may become Islamic scholars.

The other team of Communication Sciences of UMY also achieved a silver medal. The team comprised Nia and Fahad Mecca Al-Syamal. They made TVC 30 seconds telling that a child watch television. The child saw violence and imitated it.

Hasan stated that the teams raised the theme since they would like to save this nation generation. He also expressed that he and his team were glad to be able to make the Communication Sciences proud due to the Ajisaka award. “We wish that we can obtain other achievements in another competition,” he expected.


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