Commemorating the 35th Anniversary, UMY Conducts Social Work


Commemorating the 35th anniversary, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted social work in Jambu, Kapuharjo village, Cangkringan, Sleman on Sunday (3/4).

The social work encompassed Islamic study delivered by Ust. Talqus Nurdiyanto, medical check-up collaborating with Asri Medical Center (AMC), and grocery sharing. Chief of the social work, Tatiya Padang Tunggal, S.T. informed that UMY has organized the social work twice. “This second social work is a part of the celebrations of UMY’s anniversary. The previous social work has been performed in range 1 of UMY or community living around UMY,” he said.

Tatiya told that Kepuharjo was a devastating area due to Merapi eruption in 2010 and one of UMY’s village coaching. “Post Merapi eruption in 2010, the community has confronted a lot of barriers such as health and economy. Thus, UMY provides free medical check-up and grocery sharing,” he stated.

It is expected that UMY could always perform the social work. “The next social work may provide not only free medical check-up and grocery sharing but also training of natural resource management and creative economy,” he ended.


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