Commemorating Teachers’ Day, Amcor Collaborating with English Education Department of UMY Conducts a Workshop on Creative Teaching


Celebrating National Teachers’ Day in Indonesia and International Education Week in the United States, American Corner (Amcor) collaborating with English Education Department (EED) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) organized a workshop on ‘Creative Teaching’ on Friday (25/11) at Meeting of Central Library of UMY. The speaker of the workshop was Jeanie Cook, an English language fellow of Regional English Language Office (RELO) of the US embassy in Jakarta, while the participants of the workshop were partner schoolteachers of EED of UMY (Muhammadiyah-affiliated high schools in Yogyakarta) and teachers associated in Jogja English Teachers Association (JETA).

A song of ‘Hymne Guru’ (Hymn of Teachers) and a Sundanese dance performed by Amcor volunteers opened the two-hour workshop. Afterwards, Head of EED of UMY Sri Sudarsi, delivered a remark. She stated that the teachers were supposed to pamper themselves because today was their day. However, they who possess high dedication came to American Corner of UMY to update their knowledge.

Jeanie Cook also appreciated the teachers for coming to the workshop. Indeed, it was Janie’s workshop in Yogyakarta with high school teachers. During the workshop, she engaged students to be active so that the participants were enthusiastic.

Furthermore, the workshop initiator Puthut Ardianto told, “The workshop is dedicated to teachers. Amcor also conducts commemoration of International Education Week of the United States for two days, namely the workshop on Friday (25/11) and ‘Meet the Alumni’ on Saturday (26/11) for students who are eager to pursue their study in the USA.”

Amcor of UMY will presents two alumna of the US universities, Arifah Mardiningrum, M.A. and Mariska Intan Sari, M.A. Both are lecturers of EED of UMY and they will share information of how to write study objective and tips of how to obtain Letter of Acceptance (LoA).

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