Collaborating with four Countries, Master of Nursing of UMY Prepares to Confront Industrial Revolution 4.0.

UMY aspires to become an International Reputable University in 2020. Therefore, many international level activities have been conducted to achieve the objective. UMY has held a number of activities focusing on quality improvement of students and alumni. The improvement aims to prepare international students to face ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and technology development in Industrial Revolution 4.0. which bring huge impacts on human life, especially in aspects of social, economy, education, and health.

At an international seminar on Technology and Innovation in Medical Surgical Nursing, Nursing Education, Psychiatric Nursing, and Nursing Community conducted by Master of Nursing of UMY in Building of Graduate School of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) on Saturday (23/2), Chief of the seminar committee Akbar U. Saun stated that the Industrial Revolution 4.0. emerges demands in various sectors as a field of health service, forcing people to develop advanced technology and information.

Akbar added that nurses should regard technology as a medium bringing positive impacts on nursing practices in the future. “UMY collaborates with four countries, namely Thailand, Taiwan, China, and Malaysia. Those countries have successfully applied modern nursing technology. By cooperating with the countries, hopefully we can expand our insight and knowledge in field of nursing and nursing education,” continued Akbar.

Akbar informed that most students of Master of Nursing aspire to contribute to Indonesian nursing quality improvement through education. One of the means to improve quality is by escalating human resources in a sector of nursing and information technology. Additionally, students of Master of Nursing also presented their creative technology works at the seminar. One of the works was is ‘Stop Jiwa Bullying’ (a game to prevent bullying). This game aims to educate 3-12-years-old kids about bullying at schools. Another notable work was ‘InovasiTARO’ (Tangan Roso – strong hands) whose function is to help stroke patients exercising their upper body in daily activities.

The seminar also invited international speakers, namely Chang Shu-Chen Bsn, Msn, Ph. D, as a Director of Nursing Department of Changhua Christian Hospital Taiwan, Lee Ya- Wen Bsn, Msn, Ph. D, as a Deputy Director of Nursing Department of Changhua Christian Hospital Taiwan, and Assistant Professor Dr. Somjit Daenseekaew, Dean Faculty of Nursing of  Mahasarakham University Thailand.

Meanwhile, Indonesian speakers were Ns. Ahmad Muzaki, S. Kep and Ns. Slamet Purnomo, S. Kep (a student of Master of Medical Surgical Nursing), Ns. N. Agung K, S. Kep (a student Master of Nursing Education), Ns. Murwanti, S. Kep and Ns. Melda L, S. Kep (a student of Masters of Community Nursing), and Ns. Arif Munandar, S. Kep (Psychiatric Nursing). There were over 150 participants attending the seminar. Most of them were from Master of Nursing of UMY and outside participants such as students, lecturers, and nursing practitioners.

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