Chairperson of Muhammadiyah: Read Basic Principles of Muhammadiyah to Evade Misguided Thoughts

Muhammadiyah always possesses its own characteristics of responding issues in Indonesia. Its responses are in line with manhaj or basic principles of Muhamamadiyah inspired by K.H. Ahmad Dahlan. Thus, encountering issues nowadays and various thoughts, Muhammadiyah members are required to comprehend the basic principles of Muhammadiyah in order that they are not misguided.

“We have to refresh our understanding of the basic principles of Muhammadiyah and firmly uphold them for Muhammadiyah movement consolidation,” suggested Chairperson of Muhammadiyah Dr. Haedar Nashir, M.Si. when delivering a sermon on Thursday afternoon (1/6) at meeting hall of A.R. Fachruddin B, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY).

“In a context of Muhammadiyah, the principles can be grasped through various segments. Thoughts of K.H. Ahmad Dahlan has become the resources of Muhammadiyah principles since he always valued intelligence,” told Haedar.

An Islamic scholar Mukti Ali mentioned that K.H. Ahmad Dahlan bore modern movements of education, social inspired by Al-Ma’un, and women such as Aisyiyah. “The educational development is the same as an action of Muhammad Abduh, but social and women’s movements differentiate Muhammadiyah form other Islamic movements. Muhammadiyah has become a novel movement,” asserted Haedar.

Haedar analogized that thoughts of K.H. Ahmad Dahlan are a quantum leap of Islamic movements. “In 1918, Muhammadiyah was invited to be a political party by Agus Salim from Sarekat Islam (Islamist Union), but K.H. Ahmad Dahlan assertively refused the offer since he wished that Muhammadiyah remain to be a dakwah movement and a community-based Islamic movement,” he conveyed.

K.H. Ahmad Dahlan is a firm but calm Islamic preacher when having dialogues. “In 1922, Muhammadiyah was invited to attend Al Islam congress in Cirebon. Muhammadiyah was attacked by orthodox people due to bringing a change. K.H. Ahmad Dahlan told them tranquilly that many Muslims believed in Islamic scholars’ interpretation without employing Al-Qur’an as the guideline immediately. Muhammadiyah would like to rectify the belief,” maintained Haedar.

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