Caring about Children Potential , the Alumni of Communication Sciences Conducted Reading & Writing Literacy

Character building is one of national educational objectives. Pasal I UU Sistem Pendidikan Nasional (Sisdiknas) tahun 2003 states that one of educational purposes is to shape students’ potential to have intelligence, attitude and positive behavior.  In a way to achieve it, it requires intense approach to know every individual especially for children in elementary school. Therefore, the alumni of communication sciences of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted educational literacy titled ‘Gemar Membaca dan Menulis’ (fun reading and writing) on Saturday, January 27, 2018 in SD Banyuripan Kasihan Bantul Yogyakarta.

Yeti Kartikasari as activist of literacy explained that literacy intended to encourage children potentials especially for elementary school through reading and writing. “Literacy is important since issues of technology are always developed which will influence sympathy and empathy attitude toward every individual. As the alumni, we would like to say thanks to UMY for all the knowledge which we can implement to society. In UY area, actually there are many potentials of students from Banyuripan elementary school which should be developed because the school is also closed to UMY,” told Yeti.

Yeti also added that teachers and parents must be sensitive toward children potentials from both academic and non-academic ability. “This literacy can motivate children to develop their talent. We intensify the literacy of writing and reading so that children can appreciate their senses like expressing their honesty, aspirations and complaints and they will become more confident, able to express what they feel and not much buried, “Yeti declared.

The same opinion was also delivered by Afik Rahman as author that children must be educated with love and affection. “Basically approaching children should be with subtlety like my book titled Pulau Kekasih. The book is written with the background of humans which cannot live alone and in social relationships that require actualization and self-improvement. This book told about meaning of love, affection and togetherness. Hence, in this occasion I also said to all children about what I wrote in the book then support them to put hopes and to create harmony life. In this agenda children are also instructed to write poem and short story and then read in front of class. We also commit that literacy activity can be implemented regularly to share inspiring stories to children,” said Afik.

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