Being Concerned about the Indonesian Language Degradation, KOMAHI of UMY Conducts an Indonesian Debate Competition

The appropriate use of the Indonesian language among teenagers has decreased. Indeed, the educators also possess low capability of the Indonesian language. Reported by, an Indonesian proficiency test conducted by Language Center of the National Education Department (Depdiknas) in 2008 showed that of 100 samples, no one was awarded High Distinction grade (816-900) and Distinction grade (717-815), while 9 people was rewarded Credit grade, 49 people gained Pass grade, 41 people obtained Fail grade, and 1 got Withdrawn Fail.

Noticing the fact, Language and Culture Division of International Relations Student Association (KOMAHI) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted the National Debate Competition (KONBAWA) on February 24-25, 2016. Bringing ‘Language and Culture as the Pillars of Nation’, the competition was joined by 20 universities across Indonesia. In an interview on Saturday (25/2), Chief of the committee Falka Haidar stated that the competition aimed at raising students’ awareness of the appropriate use of the Indonesian language.

“We would like to encourage students’ interest in Indonesian language and culture. In fact, foreign languages seem to replacing the position of the Indonesia language nowadays. Thus, the debate is expected to bear solutions to maintain the Indonesian language and culture as the pillars of nation,” Falka expressed.

Additionally, Falka explained the scoring system of the debate employing Asian Parliamentary Debate style. “Each debate comprises of two teams that become an affirmative team, and an opposition team. Every team consisting of the first, second, and third speakers. In this competition, we provided 10 motions,” he told.

“The winner of the competition achieving DIY Governor trophy was Donggo team from University of Indonesia, the runner up obtaining the Bantul Regent trophy was Dayak team from University of Airlangga, and the best speaker awarded UMY Rector trophy was Yudha Moningka from University of Panca Budi Medan,” he mentioned.

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