An Indonesia Robot Contest Committee Will Pamper Spectators

To enliven Indonesia Robot Contest (KRI) 2018, the committee is prepared for welcoming spectators from KRI participants’ supporters, pupils, and students. They will be amazed and pampered by robots made by Indonesian young generation. Conducted on 10-13 July 2018, students from various Indonesian universities compete in five contest categories, namely Indonesia ABU (Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union) Robot Contest (KRAI), Indonesia Fire-Fighting Robot Contest (KRPAI), Indonesia Soccer Robot Contest (KRSBI) for the Humanoid Division, Indonesia Soccer Robot Contest (KRSBI) for the Wheeled Division, and Indonesia Dance Robot Contest (KRSTI).

Chairman of the KRI 2018 Sri Atmaja P. Rosyidi, S.T., MSc.Eng., Ph.D., PE informed that the spectators should do online registration to watch the KRI because a committee provides limited seats and serves supporters from the KRI participants. “We prioritize pupils and students since the KRI essentially aims to raise people’s care, particularly their humanity and artificial intelligence, such as robots which now possess essential roles in revolution development. Thus, the KRI committee tries to give the best services and to comfort all parties,” declared Sri in an interview on Thursday (31/5).

Sri added that a venue, Sportorium, can accommodate 2,000 people, and it is predicted that the spectators are 1,200 team supporters, 200 invited guests, 600 people from general public. “The online registration is to ease public accessibility to watch the contest and the committee to identify the spectators obviously. After inputting several data such as their name, address, and institution on the online registration, the spectators receive a barcode used as a ticket to see the KRI 2018. If seats are still available, the committee will open offline registration on D-day,” he mentioned.

“Indeed, spectators are not required to pay the ticket. It is free of charge. All rules and regulations are posted on an official website of the KRI of UMY and social media of UMY. We have promoted this to public through broadcasting the information on a number of social media,” told Sri.

“Besides, we collaborate with several media and publish the KRI through billboards, banners, posters, and other media. We also conduct a press conference to promote the KRI massively. The KRI is an effective forum to show creativity and robotic technology development in higher education of Indonesia. This contest may encourage Indonesian generation to be developed. Thus, we invite all people to enliven this contest. Further information about rules, regulations, and registration steps can be accessed at or through email,” ended Sri.

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