Alliance of Muhammadiyah Professors Contribute Ideas to Indonesian Education

For the first time, Muhammadiyah hosted a meetup of the Alliance of Muhammadiyah Professors (AGBM) from all over Indonesia at the AR. Fachrudin Building of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY)’s Central Campus on Saturday (27/07). The event lasted for two days and was initiated by Muhammadiyah Central Board’s Bureau of Higher Education, Research, and Development (Diktilitbang). The first day of the event invited the attendees to discuss the future of education in Muhammadiyah.

In his opening statements, the rector of UMY Dr. Ir. Gunawan Budiyanto, M.P stated the importance of understanding the three pillars of Muhammadiyah that determine the future of the nation. “We need to understand the three pillars of this nation’s future, namely education, health, and economy. Today, we will focus on the education aspect of the pillars,” He stated.

Gunawan added that the Central Board of Muhammadiyah is starting to realize how important the colleges of
Muhammadiyah is to them. “Recently, the leaders of Muhammadiyah are starting to realize that the colleges spearhead their movement. Therefore, this moment very important to discuss how we can contribute to the spreading of Muhammadiyah using each of our own unique skills and expertise,” He added.

He also stated his hopes of a start of a beneficial relationship from that event. “Hopefully, through this meetup, we will be able to produce more positive activities, especially on how to increase the quality service of Muhammadiyah’s education department,” He stated.

The same notion was also stated by the head of Diktilitbang, Prof. Dr. Lincolin Aryad. He stated that the AGBM Meetup on 27-28 July serves not only to discuss Muhammadiyah education but also for all the professors all around the country to meet up and build relations. “The main goal of today’s event is the creation of a relationship between all of us. There are Muhammadiyah professors all over the country, and today we can help each other by creating a broad discussion regarding the future of education in Muhammadiyah,” He stated.

He also stated that Muhammadiyah and Aisyiyah Colleges (PTMA) have two important functions. “PTMA has two important functions. First, as a place to train exceptional researchers, educators, and leaders. The second is to support the organization. This is in line with the three most important aspects of PTMA: excellence, competitive power, and advancement,” he added.

In the first session of the discussion regarding Leadership and Development in Higher Education, Prof. Djamaluddin Ancok stated that authentic leadership can help develop colleges. “Leaders have to be the role model of their colleagues and create a tight bond in a work environment. This is one of the aspects that Muhammadiyah education needs to have,” The Professor of Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) suggested.

“The benefits of work relationship in colleges are increases in productivity, profitability, product and service quality, as well as efficiency. Therefore, it is important to point out that good service for the public is good service to God, and vice versa,” he added. (CDL)

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