A Team of KKN GBN Conducts an Exhibition of ‘Gebyar Generasi Bakti Negeri’

A team of Community Service of ‘Generasi Bakti Sebatik’ (KKN GBN) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) organized an exhibition on Monday and Tuesday (18-19/1) displaying what they did in Sebatik Island, Kalimantan Utara. The exhibition so-called ‘Gebyar Generasi Bakti Negeri’ was conducted at a building of Societet Militair, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta. The exhibition schedule was t a talkshow of education, dedication, and writing; photography exhibition, documentary film launching, launching a song and a book entitled ‘Generasi Bakti Negeri’, and performing art ‘Melodi 5 Pulau Besar’.

Chief of the team stated that the exhibition aimed at encouraging all academicians to engage in community, to empower them, and assist the community in particularly remote areas (3T) to be better. “It is expected that all academicians, specially students, could take get involved in community,” he stated on a release sent to Public Relations affairs of UMY on Monday (18/1).

He also mentioned that the schedule on Monday (18/1) was an educational talkshow by several speakers who were awardee of LPDP (Lembaga Pengolalaan Dana Pendidikan) under Ministry of Finance. “They were Masyithoh Anisa Ramadhani, Adhie Wicaksono, and Janu Muhammad, and Secretary of MPM Bachtar Dwi Kurniawan, S.Fill., M.PA. The other schedule was Indonesian culture performance Student Association of various areas located in Yogyakarta, and documentary movie screening of Saudara Sebatik made during community service in Sebatik Island, Kalimantan Utara,” he told.

The schedule of the second day, Tuesday (19/1) was a community service talkshow by Erie Sudewo (Founder of Dompet Duafa), Umi Suraidah (an inspiring figure of Metro TV as well as an activist of ‘Pendidikan Pulau Sebatik’), and Ahmad Maruf (an activist of 3T Community Empowerment of MPM Muhammadiyah). “Besides, the writing talkshow was by Eko Prasetyo (Social Movement Institute) and Ahmad Sahidie (an author),” he said.

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