A Ramadhan Lecture at UMY Discusses Law of Online Commerce

Modern society is indivisible from technology development and use, particularly internet. The rapid development also affects the world of commerce that an era of offline trading turns online trading. The online commerce enables a seller and a buyer not to meet to do the selling and buying activity. Thus, a query emerges what Islamic law says on the online commerce.

A lecturer at Department of Islamic Economics and Finance of Universitas Muhammadiayah Yogyakarta (UMY) Drs. Muhsin Hariyanto M.Ag stated that business is an activity highly recommended in Islamic teachings. “Trade is allowed by Allah as He mentioned on Al-Qur’an that Allah has permitted trade and has forbidden interest (QS 2:275) as long as it is in accordance with Islamic teachings,” declared Muhsin when delivering a lecturer after Dzuhur on Monday (21/5) at Masjid K.H. KH Ahmad Dahlan of UMY.

Muhsin also advised the audience to remain cautious in using online trading since negligence, an activity which is not in line with Islamic teachings, may bring harm because it contains interest. “Hence, several aspects that we need to pay attention when doing online trading such as clarity of goods stock, clear price, and a trusted seller who does not break Islamic law, Al-Qur’an and As-sunnah,” he explained.

Indeed, Muhsn emphasized that refusing online trading is naïve. “Everything is now online so that we may not deny the existence. We are now also using online money. As long as no one is harmed from the online transaction and Islamic principles are not infringed, the online trading is halal,” he conveyed.

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