A Lecturer Has to Possess Intelligence, Emotional, and Spiritual Quotient


Etty Ratnawati, M.Pd. had dissertation defense of Doctoral Degree at Graduate School of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY). The defense was held on Saturday (19/12) at Meeting Hall of Graduate School, Floor 4, UMY. She presented that learning process is dealing with competence and intelligence so that a lecturer is required to possess intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, and spiritual quotient. The lecturer can utilize those three quotients to confront any issues so that the lecturer can encourage and motivate students to learn and gain achievements.

She inserted that a lecturer is an educational staff functioning as teaching, educating, or training students to conduct research and community service. Thus, those three quotients have essential roles to motivate students to achieve their success. “Those three quotients are intelligence quotient (IQ), emotional quotient (EQ), and spiritual quotient (SQ),” she mentioned.

Those three quotients have to go hand in hand. The lecturer essentially needs high emotional quotient since she/he interacts with the students in learning and teaching to construct good morals and disciplines. “Emotional quotient of the lecturer brings positive impacts on students’ motivation of learning. The greater the lecturer’s emotional quotient, the more motivated the students to learn,” she stated.

Nevertheless, education nowadays focuses on intelligence quotient more as a benchmark of the success of education. It can be noticed that most of lecturers would rather perform transform of knowledge than do transfer of value in learning process. “Students’ achievements in learning are not supposed to be decided by grades. It is not completely wrong, but it also cannot be corrected. For one reason, the other quotients, namely emotional quotient and spiritual quotient, can motivate students to obtain their achievements,” Etty elucidated.

Additionally, acting as examiners of the dissertation defense were Prof. Drs. Sarbiran, M.Ed., Ph.D., Prof. Dr. Alef Theria Wasim, M.A., Dr. Khoirudin Bashori, M.Si., and Dr. Muhammad Anis, M.A. Etty Rahmawati, M.Pd. was the 25th doctor graduated from Graduate School of UMY taking Islamic Education Psychology.

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