67 Muhammadiyah/Aisyiyah Institutions Open SMPTMu Registration

High school students are now preparing for pursuing their higher education after having a national exam. Council of Higher Education, Research, and Development (Diktilitbang) of Central Board of Muhammadiyah initiated to conduct the second joint admission test of Muhmmadiyah/Aisyiyah Higher Education (SBMPTMu).

Last year the test was for applicants of Department of Medicine in 12 Muhammadiyah/Aisyiyah higher education institutions, but this year it is opened for 881 departments of 67 Muhammadiyah/Aisyiyah institutions. The applicants can access information about the test at

The SBMPTMu 2019 comprises of two selection groups, namely group I for Department of Medicine and Department of Dentistry and group II for other departments. Applicants of group I can choose three different departments/institutions and will have an academic potential test (encompassing verbal, numerical, and logical tests) and a subject material test (consisting of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English). Meanwhile, applicants of group II may select four distinctive departments/institutions and only have to take the academic potential test.

The SBMPTMu uses a computer-based test and is held in several Indonesian cities so that the applicants can choose a test location. “The SBMPTMu aims to ease applicants to take the admission test without coming to their target Muhammadiyah university. We wish that the test can be organized each year and people become familiar with it,” declared the SBMPTM committee chief as well as Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) Dr. Ir. Gunawan Budiyanto, M.P. at a SBMPTMu press conference at UMY on Monday (22/4).

The SBMPTMu for group I will open on 29 April – 3 July 2019 while the SBMPTM for group II opens on 29 April – 17 July 2019. When registering for the test, students are required to upload their academic report (for 2019 high school graduates) or a high school certificate (for high school graduates in 2018 and prior to 2018). The applicants should pay a non-refundable admission fee, namely 750,000 rupiahs and 300,000 rupiahs for group I and group II respectively. The fee can be paid through Bank Mandiri Syariah throughout Indonesia.

Furthermore, Head of the Diktilitbang of Muhammadiyah Prof. H. Lincolin Arsyad, M.Sc., Ph.D. expected that Muhammadiyah/Aisyiyah institutions can help one another (taawun). “The SBMPTMu can reinforce network among Muhammadiyah/Aisyiyah institutions. We would like to improve educational quality of Muhammadiyah/Aisyiyah institutions. It is also addressed to create time efficiency and maintain an idea of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity) within Indonesians since the applicants later will study out of their town whose culture and conditions are dissimilar with theirs,” he stated.

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