44 Students of PBJ of UNJ Visit UMY


Japanese Language Education (PBJ) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) welcomed 44 students and a number of lecturers of PBJ of Jakarta State University (UNJ) on Monday (18/4).

Head of PBJ of UMY, Sonda Sanjaya, S.S., M.Pd. acquainted the department to the students and lecturers of UNJ. He informed that PBJ of UMY is newer than other PBJ departments in Indonesia.

“PBJ of UMY was established in 2012 after the establishment of English Language Education (PBI) and Arabic Language Education (PBA). The curriculum of PBJ of UMY is KPT (Curriculum for Higher Education),” Sonda told.

One of the committee as well as a student of PBJ of UMY of batch 2013, Luluk Uluwiyah stated that UMY is the only one university in Yogyakarta as the destination of the study tour. “The study tour aims at introducing departments of each university and reinforcing the relationship between PBJ of UMY and PBJ of UNJ,” Luluk conveyed.

Luluk said that there would be a performance of both parties. “Five students of PBJ of UMY would perform Para-Para Odori. Odori refers to dance,” she confirmed. The Para-Para Odori is a semi-traditional Japanese dance.

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