33 Students of UMY Undertake Student Exchange to Eleven Universities

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33 students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) would have student exchange to eleven overseas universities for a semester. Preparing for them, International Relations Office (IRO) of UMY conducted pre departure orientation on Saturday (2/1) at A.R. Fachruddin A. The students were informed three topics, namely ‘Keislaman-Kemuhammadiyahan’ (Islamic Studies), ‘Ke-Indonesia-an’ (Civics), and Ability to Adapt.

Head of International Student Affairs Idham Badruzzaman, S.IP., M.A. state that the Islamic studies were essential since the students will live in a country where Muslims are a minority. “They were taught how to be a good Muslim in the country,” he conveyed on an interview on Wednesday (6/1) at IRO of UMY, A.R. Fachruddin B, Floor 1. The topic was provided in order that the students will always bring Islamic values when studying in the country.

“The civics itself aimed at telling the students how to be a good citizen who comes back to Indonesia and implements the knowledge to develop Indonesia,” Idham inserted. The topic was significant to remind the students that they are demanded to back and foster Indonesia.

The other topic regarding adaptation pointed at providing information of life style and how to adapt in the country where they would stay. “The topic was delivered by several alumni of student exchange in a sharing session and parallel discussion so that the students would comprehend more do’s and don’ts in the other country,” Idham told.

Additionally, the eleven universities where the students would undertake student exchange were Flinders University Australia, De La Salle University Filipina, Sun Moon University South Korea, University Sains Malaysia, University Utara Malaysia, Universidad Jaume-I Spanyol, Tamkang University Taiwan, Khon Kaen University Thailand, Maejo University Thailand, Thammasat University Thailand and SIAS International University China. The departure of the student exchange would begin from 9 January to February 2016.

The students got a privilege that they did not need to pay tuition fee of this even semester. “However, they would follow the regulations of the university where they perform student exchange. There is a university that the course and dormitory are free of charge, or the course is free but the students must pay for the dormitory, or the university only provides discount,” Idham mentioned. The students may also pay the DPP of this even semester in the next semester.

“It is expected that through the student mobility the student could enhance their capability so that they could give motivation and innovative stories to other students when they come back,” Idham wished. He also argued that the student mobility could foster international atmosphere at UMY.



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