15 Higher Education Institutions Participates in the PORSFI at UMY

Fifteen higher education institutions across Central Java and Yogyakarta joined Indonesia Pharmacy Sports and Art Week (PORSFI) 2017 on Friday (5/5) at A.R. Fachruddin B, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY). The institutions are the members Indonesian Pharmacy Student Senate Association (ISMAFARSI) across Joglosepur (Jogja, Solo, Semarang, and Purwokerto).

Chief of Pharmacy Student Association (HIMFA) of UMY Yuna Khoirunnisa (2014) told that the PORSFI aimed at accommodating pharmacy students in sports and art areas. “The PORSFI is a program of ISMAFARSI of Joglosepur and is to interweave good relationships among the ISMAFARSI members. Indeed, this year it is an honor for UMY to be the host,” she stated.

The PORSFI comprised of futsal and badminton competition for the sports category as well as ‘Got Talent’ for the art category. “In the art category, the participants can sing, play drama, play music, and dance. We named it Joglosepur Mencari Bakat (Joglosepur Got Talent),” Yuna explained.

The badminton competition was held on May 2 at GOR Klebengan Yogyakarta that UNSOED became the winner, while UMY finished in the 2nd place. On May 3-4, UII was the winner and UAD was the runner up of the futsal competition. In the 4th day, there was Joglosepur Got Talent. The closing was organized in the evening that the winner of the arts competition was announced.

Yuna also expected that UMY as the house could organize the PORSFI well. “The event showed that the pharmacy students are good at not only academic but also academic aspects,” she expressed.

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