UMY Accepts 36 ‘Bidikmisi’ Students

Student admission affairs of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) accepted 36 students through ‘bidikmisi’ (a scholarship). The bidikmisi program is cooperation between UMY and Directorate of Higher Education (DIKTI). The program is for underprivileged students having achievement and high grade at their school.

Head of Admission Student Affairs of UMY Dr. Siti Dyah Handayani, S.E., M.M., was interviewed on Thursday (25/6) in the admission office. She stated that the reduction of the number of students accepted by bidikmisi at UMY in 2015 was due to the limitation decided by regional area 5. “Last year (2014) we got 42 bidikmisi students, but we only got 36 students. The number was decided by regional area 5. In fact, there were 430 prospective students applying for the bidikmisi till 22 June,” he informed.

Dyah inserted that the bidikmisi registration was online, and the registration process began from filling registration form, attached student report, school exam, achievements, and explanation of financial condition of family such as parents’ income and dwelling. Besides, the prospective students may only choose the faculty having ‘A’ accreditation. “The name has not been published yet since we are still on the process of selecting them. We will prioritize underprivileged students having the greatest academic abilities. We will also take into account their hometown and prioritize Muhammadiyah cadres,” she added.

Furthermore, the other scholarships of student admission at UMY are ‘beasiswa prestasi’ (a scholarship for those who have achievements) and Muhammadiyah doctor scholarship. The doctor scholarship will be awarded for 7 of 129 registered students consisting of 5 students at Doctor Education Department and 2 students at Dentistry Department. This doctor scholarship is for Muhammadiyah-affiliate orphanages and Islamic boarding school. “Muhammadiyah doctor scholarship was announced on 21 June while ‘beasiswa prestasi’ is opening still and it is for students having high grade then we will put in ascending order. For this scholarship, students will get reduction of tuition fee,” she conveyed.

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