Learning Languages Is Easy

Mastering many languages is a self-manifestation which later can be used in other countries. The statement was a highlight at ‘Bincang-Bincang Bonjour – La Langue est facile’ organized by Warung Prancis (WP) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) on Monday (14/5).

Director of Warung Prancis of UMY Puthtut Ardianto, S.Pd., M.Pd. informed that it was an annual event. In this fourth event, Warung Prancis of UMY raised a theme of how to master many languages and invited Polyglot Indonesia as the speakers. “This annual event has a different theme each year but it mostly focuses on French culture and language,” he stated. The event aimed to encourage students to learn languages. Puthut thought that learning languages is easy and Polyglot Indonesia has proved it that the members can speaker a number of languages.

A polyglot is a person who masters more than five languages. One of the speakers of the talk show from Polyglot Indonesia, Nadira Friska Romadhona declared that a language has a distinctive meaning from other languages and the differences sometimes lead to difficulties in learning a language. “For instance, English idioms occasionally contain negative elements for other people with dissimilar languages,” said Dhona.

The other speaker from Polyglot Indonesia Andre revealed that some people may face difficulties in learning languages. “A consistency is a benchmark whether or not a person can learn other languages. Meanwhile, difficulties in learning language can be overcome through getting support from other people. We may not laugh when mispronouncing. We have to give them understanding. We should be open-minded to infer other language which we learn,” he emphasized.

Andre added, “We sometimes get weary of learning other languages.” To encounter the issues, we have to shift our purpose of learning languages. For instance, we learn Korean to understand Korean dramas without subtitles, or we learn Mandarin so that we can speak with Chinese fluently. Learning culture of a language that we learn is the last aspect when learning language so that we can speak and understand the language well.

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