Disabled Voters Are Importantly Highlighted

In elections, all societies must be served equally in doing their obligation including for some of them with disability, and people with disability have the same opportunity and right in election. Therefore, treatment for people with disability should be highlighted as well in implementation of regional elections (Pilkada) which will be planned in the upcoming June 27.

The idea was also stated in the interview section with Bambang Eka Cahya Widodo, S.IP, M.Si as lecturer in department of government affairs and administration in political field specialized political party and election and demarcation in lecturer’s room on Tuesday, January 23. “People with disability is categorized as inclusive election. An inclusive election involves people which can only do limited things such as people with disability, prisoners, patients and people with high mobility in work, pilot and surgeon, “told Bambang.

Bambang also expressed that news and information access about Pilkada are needed by voters especially people with disability. It is said that in Pilkada they have to be treated to support their right to vote.

“Some ways to do are providing special polling stations (TPS) and simplifying or even facilitating roving TPS. Inclusion also provides special infrastructures or special templates for blind people. Well, it is not easy providing such a facility because if we see in election system of Pilkada and president election, it can only be used by blind people due to least number of voters. However, if we saw legislative election, it raised problem because of many candidates’ name and party symbol in ballot papers, and it became its own challenge for election organizer,” he declared.

Bambang added that to see this condition services for people with disability basically already fulfilled standards, but somehow they do not really consider TPS. “Some regional elections have provided sign language translators for deaf people in order to follow agenda of elections and guide for blind people. Moreover, many placements of polling stations are not accordance with standard for people with disability in hilly area. In addition, election organizers and General Election Commission (KPU) have to pay more attention people with physical disability because they will face more serious problem,” he stated.

Beside, Bambang claimed it is also crucial to remember that votes of people with disability are easily manipulated especially they are helped such as blind people since TPS does not have or provide special templates. “We also expect that services for people with disability will be better because they have same right to vote just like everyone else,” he asserted.

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