A Right Religion Comprehension Can Prevent Radicalism and Terrorism

Radicalism is dangerous for every nation in the world. Many acts of terrorism happen because of the radicalism. There are irresponsible people who use religion as a means to embed radicalism which leads to acts of extremism and terrorism. Therefore, people need a whole religious comprehension so that the people will truly understand.

Director of the National Counterterrorism Board (BNPT), Brigjen Pol. Ir. Hamli, M.E. explained that most of terror groups use radicalism which leads to violence. “Almost all terrorists in the world employ religion as a means to spread terror. Extremists from other countries also use radicalism as a justification of their actions,” conveyed Hamli at Forum Group Discussion on Prevention of Radicalism and Extremism in the Muhammadiyah higher education conducted by Doctoral Program of Islamic Politics of Political Thought of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta at Estprac Hotel Yogyakarta on Tuesday (19/3).

Hamli emphasized that every religion in the world never urges violence to their followers. He was certain that all religions deliver peace to all people. However, some irresponsible people use religion to predispose others. “Worship places are a sitting duck to spread terrorism. Oftentimes, terrorism is associated with religious theorems,” continued Hamli.

Meanwhile, Secretary of Central Board of Muhammadiyah, Agung Danarto, M.Ag. stated that media has a vital role to influence people to do acts of terrorism. He added, “Today we have many media publishing inaccurate news. The news truthfully can affect people to perform radicalism.”

Furthermore, he emphasized that nowadays people prefer to learn religion from contents on social media. Agung deplored the phenomenon because the contents do not possess accurate sources. Hence, Muhammadiyah conducts several actions providing people with a complete comprehension to prevent people from radicalism and violence. Agung informed, “We conduct a modernization of Islamic thoughts to people and groups who have already been affected by radicalism.”

At the end of discussion, Agung hoped that all Indonesian people could provide sense of safety to each other. Every person has a right to practice their worships based on their belief. “Every religion deserves to be recognized in Indonesia,” ended Agung.

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