UMY Students Coin Economical, Practical, Fashionable, and Cultured SETUAN (Sepatu All in One)

An innovation in entrepreneurship was coined by a team of Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa Kewirausahaan (PKM-K) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY). Their product called ‘SETUAN: Sepatu All in One’ is a pair of shoes which can be change into a pair of sandals. Utilizing striated waster fabrics as motifs makes the sandals unique, cultured and stylish.

“SETUAN is a distinctive and innovative product. We can wear the shoes whenever and wherever we are because it suits formal and informal settings,” told a customer buying the SETUAN Emi in an interview on Sunday (15/7). Emi who is also a socioeducopreneur in Yogyakarta also stated that the SETUAN is practical and economical.

The SETUAN is affordable so that consumers can save their money that they usually spend much money purchasing more expensive shoes. The SETUAN offers two advantages within one product so that it benefit them.

Additionally, the PKM-K team comprise of a leader Sayida Ralia Mawalia Z. (an English Language Education student of batch 2015) and members Oktari Firda Hibatullah (an English Language Education student of batch 2015) Sri Puji Hapsari (an English Language Education student of batch 2014) and Mustika Lestari (an Economics student of batch 2014). The team was supervised by Puthut Ardhianto, M. P.d. (a lecturer of English Language Education of UMY).

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