The Disabled Do Not Need Compassion, but Jobs.

People with disability need more than just compassion as they want have a job. However, to get the job, they often confront negative stigma, fear, ignorance, and myths believed by society.

In a seminar on “Economic Empowerment for People with Disability” organized by American Corner of UMY collaborating with the US Embassy on Tuesday (3/10) at Building of Kasman Singodimejo, a speaker of the seminar who is President and CEO of Bender Consultant Service, Inc. as well as Chair of National Epilepsy Foundation Joyce Bender told that she conducted research in several cities in Indonesia and it revealed the main problem faced by the disabled is similar that they are troublesome to find jobs.

“I have traveled Indonesia such as Sumatera, Bali, and Kalimantan. One of the myths is that epilepsy is contagious so that the disabled get difficulties to get jobs,” she stated to the audiences that some of them were disabled.

Joyce emphasized that the disabled do not beg our sympathy, but they need a job and require to be treated as equally as normal people. “In fact, they can do what we do. We are just different, not defective,” she stressed.

Besides, Joyce also presented findings of observation of her profit company which has been cooperated with big companies such as Microsoft, IBM, the US government, and National Security America (NSA). The data showed that he disabled are more creative and disciplined since they will not waste their occasion which they get. “Many people with disability work in NSA. Indeed, during Obama’s leadership, 100,000 people with disability worked in government,” she said.

Hence, Indonesia should provide chances, possess rules, and give equal rights to the disabled. “All of them can be commenced through education that the disabled have the same rights of education. Indeed, in various aspects, government can provide access for the disabled,” added Joyce.

She also expected that young generation could contribute in many sectors to support and assist the disabled. “I am jubilant that I can come meeting young generation who have high enthusiasm. You are responsible for upholding justice and human rights for everyone. Everything depends on the young generation. For instance, in the USA, government’s concern to the disables was due to movements of young generation,” ended Joyce.

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