Program of Accounting Should Confront Disruptive Technology

Sophisticated technology and internet enable people to access information easily. The technology development also brings positive and negative impacts on life aspects including accounting so that relevant preparation is essential to confront the disruptive technology.

Program of Accounting of Universitas Muhammdiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted the 5th International Conference on Accounting and Finance raising a theme of ‘Accounting Challenges and Risks of Disruptive Technology’. Organized on Tuesday (9/4) at Building of K.H. Ibrahim, floor 5, the international conference is expected to create great changes in facing the disruptive technology.

The rapid technology development bears a lot of challenges for accountants since their duties have been taken over as the existence of a teller machine to alleviate human errors. “Social values have decreased since the disruptive technology. Man power begin rarely to be used. Hence, there must be fast means, self-awareness, and real actions,” declared Prof. Dr. Maliah Bt. Sulaiman from International Islamic University Malaysia, who was a keynote speaker at the 5th ICAF.

Furthermore, the other speaker Dr. Ousama Abdulrahman A. Anam from Qatar University stated that Program of Accounting should modify its curriculum to be relevant to the disruptive technology and to prepare for students to have new skills. “We have to gear because the technology development cannot be evaded. What we can do is facing, apply, and take advantages of it,” conveyed Dr. Ousama.

He added that educational institutions should adapt to the development. “At my university, online learning is not something new. I have used it to give students online quizzes. Even though there are huge risks, I tell students that they only have two choices, survive or perish,” emphasized Dr. Ousama.

Meanwhile, UMY has taken actions to encounter the disruptive technology through online learning and big data network.

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