Komnas HAM: A Regulatory Authority Should Exist for the State Justice and People’s Welfare

One of the mandates of this state to manage justice is that the state must comply with social justice for all the people. However, the fifth principle seems too hard to be achieved. Therefore, it is a necessity the establishment of an institution that can oversee roles of the state to embody the state justice and people’s welfare.

The aforementioned statements were conveyed by Drs. Manager Nasution as Commissioner of Subcommittee on Mediation of National Commission on Human Rights of Indonesia (Komnas HAM RI) when he delivered a speech in student orientation for new students of Law Faculty. The orientation was held in Meeting Hall, A.R. Fachruddin B, floor 5 on Tuesday (22/8).

According to Nasution, Komnas HAM RI cannot achieve the justice for all the people by itself so that an active participation from the state is needed. “The government is obliged to make a policy standing for the people so that we need an institution ensuring that the state attempts to reach the justice and welfare. The institution is not the People’s Representative Council (DPR), but there should be a separate regulatory authority,” he said.

To initiate it, students can actively participate to oversee the state’s justice and people’s welfare. “Students should be able to keep an eye on state’s justice and people’s welfare, but student’s control on those aspect is getting weak. For example, where were the students when our electricity fee increased gradually? This should be our concern because to establish a regulatory authority of state justice and the well-being of the people should start from the students,” stated Nasution.

He also highlighted two other mandates that should be carried out to achieve social justice and people’s welfare, namely respect and protection. The state should have sense of respect and give a conducive atmosphere to attain social justice. The state should be empowered and strong so that it couldn’t be interrupted and intervened by a capital group. “In the context of human rights, we have to see the state existing to deal with justice because the duty belongs to the state while the right belongs to the people. For example, most of the people’s reports coming to us (Komnas HAM) were the problems related to the police, followed by the government, local government, and subsequently followed by corporations affiliated with the government and law enforcers. The state cannot bend its knees to those problems, should present and brave to make an alignment policy,” asserted Nasution.

Meanwhile, in the case of protecting, the state should ensure the control of economic and natural resources owned by this nation for their own society. “In our country, there is a term of Minority Tyrant in economic and natural resources. For instance, a few people control economic resources, but the society has limited access to the resources. Another example is terrorism issues triggered by radicalism prompted by economic injustice. Hence, there is no other way than the state should exist in overcoming the problems of economic injustice and people’s welfare,” ended Nasution.

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