Department of Electrical Engineering of UMY Successfully Conducts Robotech#4

Department of Electrical Engineering of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted Electro Fair 2019. It comprised of event series held on 16-21March, namely community service, a national seminar, and Robetech#9. The event was addressed to young generations having abilities in utilizing technology. Indeed, Industrial Revolution 4.0 demands people to comprehend digital and technology.

The main event of the Electro Fair 2019 was Robotech#9 whose participants were elementary and high school students across Java-Bali. Organized at Sportorium of UMY on Thursday (21/3), the Robotech#9 consisted of two competitions, namely Transporter Robot for elementary school students and Sumo Robot for high school students.

At the Transporter Robot, the participants were required to answer questions on a screen by finding a ball with a number as the answer. Then, their transporter robot would throw the ball to a hole. Meanwhile, at the Sumo Robot, the last robot on an arena was the winner.

“The competition may enhance participants’ skills in creating simple, innovative, and strong robots. There were 50 and 29 teams joining the Transporter Robot and Sumo Robot respectively,” informed Chef of the Electro Fair 2019 Rikky Alif Sembada.

Regional Secretary of Bantul Drs. Helm Jamharis, M.M. representing Regent of Bantul attending the Robotech#9 stated that he was proud of the department for conducting the competition. He added that technology development requests people to think broadly and develop their creativity. Thus, the Robotech#9 can become a means of boosting quality of human resources.

“In the Industrial Revolution 4.0, we have to focus on not only technology but also the quality of human resources. For instance, in robotics, we expect that we become not only robotic consumers but robotic producers. Being the producers may triggers participants here to evolve technology of Indonesia,” ended Helmi.

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