UMY 39th Anniversary Reflection Night Projects the Present and Future of UMY

The Young and Global Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) continues to develop the education potential of their academics. in addition, UMY is a relatively young institution that has managed to receive accreditation and is projected to become a world-class university in the future. To celebrate its 39th anniversary, UMY hosted several events including the reflection night on Friday (28/2) at the KH. A. Dahlan Mosque themed “Now is Our Time, Brighten the Universe”. This event is a reflection of UMY’s endeavours for the past 39 years and a projection of its future.

Prof. Ir. Hermawan Krisno Dipujono, MSEE., Ph.D., Chairman of the ITB Academic Senate said that UMY is a relatively young university with extraordinary achievements. “The fact that the relatively young UMY has been accredited A with the maximum score is already extraordinary. Furthermore, if you see the ranking of private universities in Indonesia, UMY has entered the top 10. In the ranks of Muhammadiyah universities, UMY is ranked first. That is an extraordinary achievement in this relatively young age, “he explained.

Furthermore, Hermawan also added that for UMY to continue to progress and become a World Class University, it needs to improve itself in scientific publications. “It should be noted that if UMY wants to be come a World Class University then what needs to be improved is its scientific publication. UMY must work hard to improve the publication of scientific papers. A lecturer who has a doctorate must publish at least 1 work every year and professors must publish at least 2 works every year. This is done so their scientific achievements can be improved and be something to be proud of. In addition, the need to lecturer’s projection paradigm needs to be changed to have scientific achievements to become a professor later,” explained the Chairperson of the Indonesian Campus Mosque Association again.

In addition to discussing scientific achievements that need to be improved, Hermawan also explained that alumni are the biggest contribution to universities. “Alumni will get a respected place in society, create jobs and return to their alma mater, because alumni are fostered very well by the alma mater. In addition, the challenge in the future is that many fields of work will be replaced by intelligent robots in the future. Therefore the university’s duty is to make their alumni irreplaceable by giving them skills that can make them exceed robots. It is important that we pay attention and prepare our alumni well because our alumni are the biggest work of universities,” he explained again.

The same notion was conveyed by Dr. H. Agung Danarto., M. Ag., Chairman of UMY Board of Trustees. He said that the theme taken should remind us that the tasks of an academic community should not only focus on raising their own institutions but should also benefit the community. “Now is the time to enlighten the universe. We shall enlighten the community through the results of our research, either the ones made by lecturers or students which can then be accessed and implemented to the community, “he said.

Dr. Gunawan Budiyanto, M.P., IPM., Rector of UMY also expressed his gratitude to UMY’s academic community, lecturers, employees and students who have given their trust to UMY to jointly build the future of UMY to be better. “Thank you to the academicians, especially for students who have trusted UMY to guide the future towards a better place,” he concluded. (Sofia)

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