RDK of UMY Conducts a Ramadhan Bazaar


Ramadhan at Campus (RDK) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted an annual event, namely a Ramadhan bazaar, for 200 people around UMY. It was handled by mosque organizers of K.H. Ahmad Dahlan of UMY and a number of students.

“The committee distributed coupons to the people to get cheap groceries. They cooperated with eight mosques around UMY to list underprivileged people,” told Joko Lukito, an Arabic Language Education student of batch 2013 as well as chief of the RDK, on Saturday (5/6).

Joko informed that the groceries costed twenty thousand rupiahs under the normal cost, sixty thousand rupiahs. “The bazaar is one of the ways to care about the deprived people, and to reinforce good relationship between UMY and the people,” he stated.

The bazar is also one of the ten event series of RDK conducted from the beginning to the end of Ramadhan. They are scientific writing competition on 31 may 2016, tabligh akbar on 4 June, sharing pins and stickers on 4 June, and studies of pre-ramadhan on 30 May-2 June.

“Commencing Ramadhan, the committee held Islamic seminar on 9 June, and breakfasting at a social home on 15 June. On 25 June, there were the bazar in the morning and the afternoon Islamic study. The committee also conducted sahut and reciting Al-Qur’an on 6-30 June. The last ten days of Ramadhan, 26 June – 5 July, there is i’tikaf,” Joko mentioned.


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