UMY Social Services Group 147 Demonstrated their Program to Mayor of Purworejo

August 24, 2019 by : BHP UMY

In order to monitor the development of his villages, the Mayor of Purworejo, Agus Bastian S.E., M.M visited several villages in the Loano sub-district, one of which being the Banyuasin Separe village, where the Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) Social Services (KKN) Group 147 is situated. The students of Group 147 participated when the village formally welcomed the Mayor and informed him of their Social Services Program on Wednesday (21/8) in the Banyuasin Separe Village Hall, Loano Subdistrict, Purworejo District.

The students of UMY KKN Group 147 participated in a discussion with the Mayor of Purworejo regarding the program they implemented during their time in Banyuasin Separe Village, namely the program to improve the local economy through bamboo products. “We are grateful to the UMY KKN students who served in Banyuasin Separe Village, who are willing to train the locals in creating products from bamboo weaves,” Agus stated.

The leader of Group 147, Ahmad Fauzi, informed the Mayor of the bamboo weaving workshop that was intended to improve the local economy by creating products from bamboo weaves. “Until now, the locals only created baskets. We intend to increase their welfare by training them to create new products,” he stated. The students of Group 147 showed the results of the training: baskets, plates, bags, and hats made of weaved bamboo.

Siti Rubi’ah, the Head of Banyuasin Separe Village’s Family Welfare Empowerment team, stated that the products from the bamboo weaving workshop provided by UMY KKN Group 147 were used for the creation of palm sugar. “The baskets created in the workshop were used to carry palm sugar. We even managed to include them in the Loano Subdistrict Small and Medium Businesses expo,” Siti added. (Sofia)