UMY Officially Launches Online Facilities and Café 1912

December 30, 2019 by : BHP UMY

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) officially launches new online facilities, namely My Dompet electronic wallet, UMY Payment, and Green Money (G-Money). In addition, UMY also opened the Café 1912 co-working space on Monday (12/30) at the UMY Campus. The innovations made by UMY aim to respond to the changing times and support the development of students.

UMY Rector Dr. Ir. Gunawan Budiyanto, M.P, IPM. stated that carefulness is needed in the changing of times. Currently, online facilities are in great demand by young people. In addition to being able to facilitate the user, they are also practical to use. “Time moves very fast, and students also change with the times. Therefore, lecturers must be able to innovate to face it. UMY will also always innovate in order to compete,” he said in his speech.

UMY payment aims to facilitate students in making school payments through UMY’s BMT bank by using the internet, as the facility can be accessed outside of UMY. Meanwhile, My Dompet allows students to make transactions in the business units in UMY without having to use cash that can be seen and controlled by parents or guardians of students. The UMY BMT application can be downloaded for free for Android cell phone users.

G-Money aims to support government programs in reducing plastic waste, due to the level of plastic waste pollution in Indonesia. The program made by PT UMB aims to make plastic waste productive by allowing UMY students or employees to exchange UMY Tirta’s used glass and plastic bottles for an amount of money.

Gunawan also implored the manager of Café 1912 to provide the best facilities so that students can use them to support outdoor learning activities. This is because UMY has implemented online lectures that can be participated from anywhere. The café construction is also intended to support student activities, including attending lectures. This is why it needs fast and capable internet facilities.

“The construction of Café 1912 should include good facilities, one of which is the internet. If this building is not equipped with qualified facilities, then we should not have built it in the first place,” he added.

On the same occasion, the President Director of PT. UMB, Dr., Alni Rahmawati, SE., MM., Explained that Cafe 1912 was designed to have 3 floors, with different functions and a comfortable, calm atmosphere, and visitors could view the scenery outside because the parapet uses glass. In addition, Cafe 1912 also provides a meeting room, co-working space, space to receive invited guests, and is supported by a fast internet connection, making it easier for students to do independent learning and other activities.

“We designed this building with a modern concept and prioritized comfort for users, namely students and people around UMY. We will also provide food and drinks at affordable prices. This 1912 Café will be opened in February 2020,” she concluded. (ak)