UMY Lecturers Developed Tirta Polengan Bottled Water as part of Social Service Program

September 17, 2019 by : BHP UMY

A Social Services Team from Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) led by Muhammad Muttaqien, S.I.Kom, M.Sn and Linda Kusumastuti Wardana, S.Pd, M.Sc helped the people of Polengan Village, Srumbung Subdistrict, Magelang District to develop their clean water potential by founding Tirta Polengan bottled water. Polengan Village has plentiful amounts of clean water. It never dries up even in the drought season. This potential was used by the locals of Polengan to produce drinking water, but the demand for drinking water was too high, and the locals had a hard time fulfilling the demand because of the limited productivity of their tools.

In addition to assisting the demand for drinking water, Muhammad Muttaqien and Linda Wardana also helped the locals to market the product not only within the village but also other villages within the Srumbung subdistrict and even outside of it.

When contacted by a team of journalists from UMY’s Office of Human Relations and Protocol, Muhammad Muttaqien clarified that there were two important issues to be discussed with the Polengan locals, namely training for brand awareness and managing finances. “Our method to market Tirta Polengan was to give a briefing of brand awareness or branding and finance management to the Polengan Village locals regarding the Tirta Polengan bottled water,” he clarified.

He added that Brand awareness is important to build the Tirta Polengan product in the future. Through brand awareness, we can slowly create an image in the public. Branding cannot be build quickly, but by learning about brand awareness, we can plan how the public views Tirta Polengan bottled water,” Muhammad Muttaqien added (15/09).

“Currently we aim to brand Tirta Polengan as “low-contaminated drinking water” similar to the slogan for Tirta Polengan as the locals have agreed upon,” he added.

Meanwhile, Linda Wardana added some comments regarding the financial management of Tirta Polengan. “right now, Tirta Polengan has a simple financial management system, only using standard accounting. If we want to expand the marketing of Tirta Polengan, then we need a more detailed and accurate accounting system,” Linda clarified.

“The new financial management system will focus on increasing the financial management capacity for Tirta Polengan, starting from writing down any financial transaction, business management, and determining the pricing of Tirta Polengan after accounting for the new tools and packaging. Hopefully, the improved management will help the longevity of the business and attract investors,” Linda added.

“In addition to improving the branding and management of Tirta Polengan, the UMY team also gifted several tools to increase the production of bottled water, such as a refinery with a 200 gallon capacity that can run 24 hours straight, and a nameplate for the Tirta Polengan office,” Linda added (CDL)