UMY English Language Education Created 46 Young Entrepreneur Groups through Festpreneur

December 28, 2019 by : BHP UMY

The English Language Studies Program of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (PBI UMY) once again held the Festival of Entrepreneur event, an annual program for the department. The event was hosted with the theme “The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer” and it is the 4th Festpreneur event of the department. The event was held on Saturday (21/12) at Plaza UMY Boga by presenting 46 groups of young entrepreneurs who are grouped into three categories, namely: creative industry , food and beverage, and technopreneurship.

Taufik Akbar, MBA, Head of the SEBI Division (Student Entrepreneur Business Incubator), in his speech motivated Festpreneur participants by inviting them to participate in the Business Plan Competition program that will be held by SEBI in 2020. “This activity needs to be appreciated, as the Festpreneur event supports students who want to become young entrepreneurs. Therefore, to further strengthen their skills in business, let us all take part in the Business Plan Competition program that will be held by the SEBI in 2020 in order to gain more experience in the field of entrepreneurship,” he said.

Dr. Suryanto, Dean of the Faculty of Language Education said in his remarks that he supports prospective young entrepreneurs in the Faculty of Language Education. “The Festpreneur event is an entrepreneurial event held by PBI UMY study program which we need to fully support for young entrepreneurs,” he explained.

Puthut Ardianto, project manager of the Festpreneur program said that most students have no set plans after graduation. Therefore, Festpreneur encourages students to carry out entrepreneurial activities as an example of what business will be like after students graduate. “When students are asked what they want to be when they graduate, most of them say they want to become entrepreneurs, but when asked in what fields, they still don’t know. Therefore, this Festpreneur wants to encourage students to not only dream but truly start their business ideas from now on, “he explained.

In the opening ceremony of the Festpreneur event, a batik line with a phonetics motif was also launched by Puthut Ardianto and exhibited in a series of fashion shows by PBI UMY students. This phonetic batik is a creative idea that emerged when Puthut was teaching the Capita Selecta on Linguistics course, where one of the language topics was Phonetics and Phonology. This topic is sometimes difficult for students to grasp because they have to memorize phonetic symbols that are different from the Latin alphabet. Therefore, the purpose of making this Phonetic Batik is so that students feel that they are always familiar with phonetics symbols and have fun in learning. (Sofia)