UMY Encourages its Students to Make More Socio-Environmentally-Friendly Businesses

October 31, 2019 by : BHP UMY

The digital era has entered every aspect of human life, including the world of business. Many online businesses have thrived among the public, such as the Online Delivery/Transport system of Gojek. As the younger generation, students are expected to have creative digital-based ideas that can benefit not only themselves but also everyone else around them.

As an educational institution that supports such ideas, the Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta Department of Law Sciences (IP UMY) hosted an event to train their students’ Sociopreneurship softskill at the AMC Convention hall on Wednesday (30/10). At this event, the students were trained to conduct businesses based on the existing problems of the public.

According to the expert panelist in this event, Rosalina Omega, Sociopreneurship is a business that is based on a social mission, not just for money. Sociopreneurship is a business that can change the social environment by creating something new and useful.

“Sociopreneurship is a business based on a social mission. When I was a student, I was already thinking about how to create something useful for myself and everyone around me. Why should we go to school and spend our money if we can’t make something useful for everyone around us? Starting from now, think about what you can do for the people,” Rosa, a graduate of CBN Broadcasting School, stated in front of IP UMY students.

As an example, Rosa stated several businesses that started from a social problem, to invite the students of IP UMY into the world of Softskill Sociopreneurship. “I would like to tell the story of an incredible business called Tom Shoes, a business that starts with its founder’s concern about the barefeet children in Africa. The profit from Tom Shoes’ business is donated to make shoes for African children. In Indonesia, there is a website called that can be used to help others. These people not only changed the world for the better, but they also changed their lives. Remember, money can’t buy happiness.” She stated.

The Secretary of IP UMY Muhammad Eko Atmojo stated that the softskill taught in this event can really benefit the students. “Currently, skill is as important, if not more important, than a diploma. Students need to have many skills, including Sociopreneurship, to fulfill the demands of the era,” He stated. (Hbb)