UMY Communication Sciences and Teja Wisata Hosted Bridging Session for New Students with a Business and Tour Travel Management Theme

October 15, 2019 by : BHP UMY

New Students of a University should be more enthusiastic when it comes to the new opportunities that are open to them. To that end, the Communication Sciences Program of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IK UMY) are prepared to educate the new students of batch 2019 by hosting a “Bridging” session with Teja Wisata in Tour and Travel. The event, titled”Creativepreneur Tour and Travel Business Management”, took place in the fifth floor Amphiteater of KH. Ibrahim E6 building, UMY Central Campus, on Saturday (12/10).

In his opening statements, Erwan Sudiwijaya, S.Sos, MBA, MA stated that with the help of an expert from Teja Wisata, the new students of IK UMY can hopefully dig deeper into their potential.

Suteja, the owner of Teja Wisata, stated that a good business needs to have two fundamental values: be unique, and be acceptable. “To create an attractive business, we need to see the opportunities. By this, I refer to the needs and the wants of a business, because a business needs to be unique and acceptable. This uniqueness can be in the form of price or value,” he stated during the discussion session.

Suteja added another important element in managing a tour and travel business, and that’s communication. Communication to everyone and anyone needs to be built and maintained.

Suteja also stated the difficulties in managing a business. “Managing a business isn’t easy, it has its ups and downs. But business owners should not give up and work as hard as you can. Keeping a company afloat is not easy, there needs to be tactics and ideas to keep it running,” he added.

At the end of the session, Suteja reminded the IK UMY 2019 students to give it their all in the activities of the faculty, department, and university. He implored them to use their creative ideas to think up businesses that might be profitable in the future, and learn from outside and inside the classroom. The key to success starts from yourself. (CDL)