UMY Communication Sciences and IDN Media Spread the Writerpreneur Virus to Students

September 19, 2019 by : BHP UMY

Recently, the development of the media has become structural, systematic, and massive. Where people might still use conventional media such as radio and newspaper for information, now most of them have left conventional media and switch to New Media. However, what exactly is New Media?

New Media is a term to define the emergence of digital, computer, information, and communication technology at the end of the 20th century. Most technologies in new media are digital, can be manipulated, has networks, are short, interactive, and neutral. Basically, new media is media formed by the interaction between humans and the computer and/or the internet. This includes the world wide web, blogs, online social networks, online forums, and other media that use the computer.

On Wednesday (19/9), the Communication Sciences Department of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) worked together with IDN times to host an event called “Useful Content of the Exploration Generation” in E7.B Amphitheater of UMY’s KH. Ibrahim Building.

A lecturer of Communication Sciences UMY, Dr. Fajar Junaedi stated that a journalist’s job is to broadcast the truth that can benefit the people, not side with instances, workplaces, or the government. “A journalist’s independence should lie with the conscience truth according to the journalistic code of ethics, because the heart is always close to ethics,” He stated.

“Currently, many media are giving opportunities to the public to become a part of them by becoming free journalists that create user-generated content. Anyone can become a journalist, write news, and send them to the media. If the media fits certain criteria, then they will be released in said media without having to become an employee. This is a great chance for students of Communication Sciences who have mastered Basic Journalistics in their first year, so you can get paid for creating user generated content in the media,” he added.

At the same time, QC Editor of IDN Times Yogie Fadilah stated the content value of IDN Times. “Content value comes from our concerns about hoaxes and false news. We think that it ruins the media’s impression, and can damage the public’s trust in the media because such news is sensational but does not consider the journalistic code of ethics. Because of that, IDN Times have several content values, namely Gender equality, Anti sexual harassment, Anti bullying, Unity in different races & Ethnicities, Unity in different religions, Anti stereotyping, dan Redefining beauty. These values can hopefully help journalist create news that have some value in the eyes of their reader,” Yogie stated.