UMY Arabic Language Education Increased Student Motivation to Learn Arabic Language through International Field Work

November 26, 2019 by : BHP UMY

The Arabic Language Education Program of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (PBA UMY) promotes interest in learning Arabic for PBA UMY students through the International Field Work Lectures (KKL) that was held on 12-20 November 2019 in Malaysia and Thailand. PBA UMY’s efforts were themed “Connecting Ukhuwah Among International Students To Improve The Quality Of Arabic Learning”. This event improved students’ knowledge of Arabic language through visitations to several universities including the University of Malaya (UM), University Islam Sains Malaysia (USIM), and University Islam Teknologi Mara (UiTM), in an effort to establish relationships between students of the university. During the visit, all PBA UMY students and students from various universities showed their potential in Arabic Language.

Yayat Hidayat, S.Pd.I., M.Ag, the supervising lecturer of PBA UMY 2016, said that the International KKL is an excellent program and hopes that there will be a continued Exchange program for PBA UMY students. “This International Field Work Program (KKL) is a very good method of building a relationship with universities that we visited, especially in Malaysia. To improve the quality of learning of Arabic students, I hoped that there will be sustainable programs such as student exchange for PBA UMY students, “he explained.

During the International KKL¬† in Malaysia, several PBA UMY 2016 students made presentations at several universities. Nazita Dara Maula and Alamuddien Asyrozi presented about educational innovations using the Kahoot application at the University of Malaya. Musta’inah Chusnaya and Isya Mawaddah presented at University Islam Sains Malaysia (USIM) about educational technology and continued with sharing sessions between UMY and USIM students discussing the development of educational technology in the modern era. In addition, they also participated in the Arabic language debate with the students of University Islam Teknologi Mara (UiTM) with the theme “Ranking of World Universities can Harm Universities”. The Team from PBA UMY that participated in the debating activities included Irfan Triyana Nur Alim, Maya Lailatussaidah, and Ahad Hilman Fattaya who successfully demonstrated their skill in Arabic Language through debate with the UiTM team.

In addition to showing Arabic skills in the International KKL activities, PBA UMY 2016 students also showed their skills in non-academic creativity by displaying tapak suci moves and traditional dances. The performance received great applause from representatives of the universities in attendance.

Irfan Triyana Nur Alim, the head of the 2016 PBA UMY International KKL committee said that the International KKL Program provided many lessons for PBA UMY students. “The KKL program offers many lessons, especially in creating good arobiyah bi’ah and increasing the love of the Arabic Language so that it can be used as a communicative language on campus or in lectures. This activity also gave the students insight to continue their studies abroad, and this KKL program can be a motivation for us as students to explore overseas opportunities and language applications in the international world. We hope that in the future we can improve and be able to make PBA UMY increasingly global, according to our campus motto of Young and Worldly,” he concluded. (sofia)