Treat the Industrial Revolution of Sustainable Agricultural Development Correctly

October 26, 2019 by : BHP UMY

Lately, the term “4.0 Industrial Revolution” is very commonplace. It is an industrial revolution which combines automation with cyber technology. This revolution has affected all aspects of human life, including business and agricultural technology.

The 4.0 Industry has not been free of consequences. Business owners must start implementing Smart Business, which means integrating the use of the internet to their business. “To implement Smart Business, we need real-time data and learning machine to gather data and create a clear target which fulfils the market’s needs. In addition, human resources must also be taught to support Smart Business,” Stated Dr. Jerome Soriana of the Tarlac Agricultural University of Philippines in front of UMY Agricultural Technology students in the middle of the Guest Lecture hosted in the E7B Building of UMY Central Campus on Thursday (24/10).

In the event titled “Economic, Social and Business: Revolution 4.0, Industry vs Agriculture in a future of Agro-Industry Development, Jerome explained that there are several techniques that could be implemented in the agricultural sector to face the 4.0 Industrial Revolution. “We could implement the use of Drones, Hydroponics, Algae, Bio-plastic made of corn and sugar cane refuse, GMOs, 3D printing, Cloud Storage, GPS, and Nano Technology. Those techniques are currently being researched and developed in the Philippines,” He stated.

The main concern of this continuously-evolving technology is the switch from manual power to automation. However, according to Jerome, such concerns are unfounded, because as long as someone has the necessary skills, they will have a part in it. “Take, for example, the use of drones in agriculture. The drones would not function without someone controlling it. Robotics will help ease work, not take over it.”

Then how do we develop agriculture in a sustainable manner? The answer lies in the innovation of the digital era. Students of Agriculture must develop such innovations, as stated by Agricultural Technology Lecturer Genesiska S.Si., M.Sc. She thinks that Indonesia has not yet been able to implement the 4.0 Industrial Revolution in Agriculture.

“Students and the younger generation must understand and develop the research, not just learn about basic IT. They must have deep understanding of agricultural research so they could take part in sustainable agricultural development for Indonesia. I implore students to develop themselves through interconnection, not just the theory but also put them into practice in business or agriculture,” Genesiska stated. (Hbb)