The Hopes and Prayers of UMY French Cafe in its Sixth year

November 27, 2019 by : BHP UMY

On November 26, 2019, the French Cafe of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta entered its sixth year. A simple celebration was held to commemorate it at the front of the French Cafe on the 2nd floor of UMY Building D, UMY Central Campus, on Monday (11/26) afternoon.

So far, the UMY French Cafe has managed to achieve several titles, including the best French Cafe in Indonesia on 2016 and 2018, an achievement that was granted by Institut Francais ‘Dindonesie Jakarta (IFI). In the future, the French Cafe must have several hopes to achieve more and make our campus more well-known.

Dr. Sukamta, ST., MT., the UMY Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs wishes that the UMY French Cafe can be more sophisticated and beneficial for all. “I represent the leadership of the university to wish a happy sixth birthday to the French Cafe. Hopefully, our experience will also increase with age, especially in learning French culture and Indonesian culture and that we can learn from each other and collaborate, both in terms of guest lecture seminars and discussion of cultures on our campus. ”

To be able to achieve the desired target, Sukamta emphasized that the French Cafe could be the best place for students who want to learn French culture or even realize their dream of continuing their studies in France. “I am also not grandiose enough to give a target to WP UMY in the future because it is already six years old, but we hope that there will be UMY lecturers or alumni who continue their studies in France. So the existence of WP UMY must be able to have an impact and benefit UMY or the surrounding community. They can come here to study, learn French culture, and start their studies in France,” he said.

There are several indicators for the French Cafe to be able to meet these targets as explained by Sukamta. “Of course, we really hope that WP UMY will conduct more collaborative training with France and more UMY students who continue their studies in France because it can affect the campus ranking in terms of how many UMY students study abroad and how many overseas students who came to UMY, in addition to joint research,” he said.

Meanwhile, the superintendent of UMY French Cafe Mariska Intan Sari, SS., MA, expressed her gratitude to all parties who helped develop the French Cafe to the point as it is today. “I would like to thank UMY, IFI Jakarta, and the volunteers, for helping make the activities of WP UMY successful. We all hope that there will be UMY lecturers or students that study in France, orĀ  French students who come to UMY to share their knowledge, “said Mariska, who is also a lecturer of PBI UMY. (Hbb)