Kader Unggulan Muhammadiyah Scholarship (KAUM)

A. What is Kader Unggulan Muhammadiyah Scholarship?

Kader Unggulan Muhammadiyah Scholarship is provided for the students of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) who possess academic achievements and are active in Muhammadiyah organizations. It is a full scholarship for four academic years, granted to deserving students of the University.

B. Quota of Kader Unggulan Muhammadiyah Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to five students of UMY for the academic year 2016/2017 taking a degree on either of the following courses:

  1. Islamic Studies (Bachelor’s Degree/S1)
  2. Islamic Communication and Counseling (S1)
  3. Islamic Economics and Finance (S1)
  4. Management (S1)
  5. Accounting (S1)
  6. Economics (S1)
  7. Law (S1)
  8. International Relations (S1)
  9. Governmental Studies (S1)
  10. Communication Sciences (S1)
  11. Civil Engineering (S1)
  12. Electrical Engineering (S1)
  13. Mechanical Engineering (S1)
  14. Information Technology (S1)
  15. Agrotechnology (S1)
  16. Agribusiness (S1)
  17. Nursing (S1)
  18. Pharmacy
  19. English Language Education (S1)
  20. Arabic Language Education (S1)
  21. Japanese Language Education (S1)
  22. Electromedical Technology (Associate Degree/D3)
  23. Automotive Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (D3)
  24. Applied Accounting (D3)

C. Scholarship Requirements

  1. Applicants must be a recent high school graduate (2015 or 2016)
  2. Applicants must possess a Muhammadiyah membership card (NBM: Nomor Baku Muhammadiyah/Muhammadiyah membership number).
  3. Applicants should be active in the Muhammadiyah organization proven by a letter of appointment (SK Kepengurusan) or an official letter stating the applicants’ association.
  4. Applicants must submit a letter of recommendation from the Chairman of the Regional Muhammadiyah organization.
  5. Applicants must be willing to engage in Muhammadiyah Student Association.
  6. Applicants must come from an underprivileged family attested by an official relief letter issued by a headman. The underprivileged family has either of the following economic status:
  • The total income of both parents with permanent or freelance work is less than IDR 3,000,000/month in recent year, or
  • The total income of both parents divided among family members is less than IDR 750,000/month.

D. How to Apply?

UMY students admitted during the academic year 2016/2017, who would like to apply for Kader Unggulan Muhammadiyah Scholarship, should:

  • Fill-out a scholarship registration form
  • Submit the filled-out registration form together with the following requirements:
  1. A certified copy of high school certificate.
  2. A certified copy of high school transcripts from semester 1 to 5.
  3. Two 3 x 4 cm black and white photographs
  4. An official letter from the high school headmaster/principal stating the applicants’ achievements together with a copy of certificates of academic and non-academic achievements (if available).
  5. Parents’ income slip or an official letter from their district office proving applicants’ underprivileged family status.
  6. A copy of a family card.
  7. A death certificate of parents for orphan applicants.
  8. A picture of applicants’ house displaying front, side, and inside appearances.

E. Scholarship Regulations

The scholarship will continuously be provided if the:

  1. Awardees gain a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.00 for social science programs and 2.75 for exact/physical science programs of each semester.
  2. Awardees are active in Muhammadiyah Student Association