Public Relations Is Not Merely Regarding Self-Images

December 5, 2018 by : Una

“Being public relations (PR) is dealing with not only self-image and lip services but also ethics,” declared a lecturer of Department of Communication Science of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta Dr. Adhianty Nurjanah, S.Sos., M.Sc. as well as a competency assessor of public relation at PR TALK: How to be a PR Professional with Good Ethics.

At the talk conducted on Wednesday (5/12) at Amphitheater of K.H. Ibrahim, Adhianty stated that, in this era of huge modern communication, big companies entail PR professionals in creating positive reputations. “PR professionals should be able to design public relations programs to coin positive public opinions and behave ethically. Thus, they can distinguish right and wrong by prioritizing honesty in performing their duties as PR,” she explained.

Doing their jobs, doctors, journalists, and other professions, PR possesses PR ethic codes formed by Indonesian Public Relations Company Association (APRI), Indonesian Public Relation Association (Perhumas), and Government Public Relations Code and the International Public Relations Association (IPRA). The codes are references to work professionally.

Besides sharing theories of public relations to Public Relations students of Department of Communication of UMY of batch 2016, the PR TALK presented how to do the ethics from a psychological aspect that a psychologist as well as an inner beauty trainer Diah Purwita Rini, P.Si. acted as the speaker. She maintained that integrity can strongly be built if we know ourselves so that ethics will be created and carried out sincerely without trying to do self-image.

“Know who you are and what your life goals are. You may memorize ethics of PR, but affection characters should be instilled instead of being memorized. Build ethics sincerely. One of the success indicators of ethics is on your heart,” emphasized Diah.