PPM KKN UMY Taught Ethics of Society and Sex Education in Juwono Hamlet

January 24, 2020 by : BHP UMY

Lately, the depravity found in adolescents is getting worse and more alarming. Worse still, most of the victims are young women. Because of this, parents need to be more vigilant with their daughters. Promiscuity is very rampant in our generation, including depravities such as LGBT, pornography and various other sexual deviations.

We need to be more vigilant than this, and parents need to also pay more attention to their children’s mannerisms. However, many parents also allow their children to go on dates so they can socialize with the people around them

This dilemma encourages Dr. Nawari Ismail, M.Ag and the students of UMY Social Services Program (KKN) group 026 to host a workshop themed around the literacy of the ethics of society and sex education for the people of Juwono Hamlet, Wates Village, Dukun Subdistrict, Magelang District, on Thursday (16/01). This event aims to educate the people of Juwono regarding the ethics of socializing and the importance of early sex education.

“The people of Juwono needs to know the importance of ethics in socializing and educating their children of sex education, so they will not participate in any religious or societal deviancy,” stated Dr. Nawari Ismail, M.Ag, the Field Lecturer (DPL) of KKN UMY group 026.

Nawari also stated that when teaching and fostering students, the parents need to take into consideration the condition and the development of the children as well. “This is done so the children can understand what their parents are teaching. In addition, the parents need to be a good example for the children,” He continued.

Kemala Hayati, a member of KKN UMY 026 stated that the youth of the village, as its golden generation, are capable of achieving a future that is free from any religious and societal deviation. “However, many of these youths are tempted by these deviations including dating, free sex, and so on. They were influenced by their peers, their environment, social media, and other sources, she stated.

With this workshop, hopefully, the villagers of Juwono are more aware of the dangers of religious and societal deviancy and the importance of social ethics and the importance of early sex education.