New Graduates Must Have a Variety of Achievements and Abilities during their Time in College

October 7, 2019 by : BHP UMY

There are currently thousands of graduates in Indonesia. However, many of them still have difficulties securing a job. Having a cum laude title is not enough for a graduate. During their time in the university, students are expected to hone their talents and get some experience and achievements. One of the ways to get all these skills is through the Student Creativity Program (PKM).

Prof. Rr. Sri Rachma Aprilita Bugiwati, Ph.D., a Reviewer and Judge of the National Student Science Fair (PIMNAS) stated that during their time at the university, students must do everything they have to hone their potential. Studies are not limited to the classes. the PKM is a place to hone different skills.

“Nowadays, university graduates must master four skills, namely: Knowledge about your discipline, the ability to think, management, and communication. PKM can be used to hone those skills.” She stated during her time in the Creative Thinking Seminar hosted by the Student and Alumni Development Center of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) on Saturday (5/9) in the K.H. Ibrahim Building.

Lita also explained that there are several different research inspirations for the students in PKM. Students from different disciplines can also create their own group. Because the group consists of students from different disciplines, they can build their ability to work together and learn other disciplines.

“Developing independence through PKM is a smart choice, because there are a lot of research types. There are seven types of PKM, namely research, entrepreneurship, social service, implementation of technology, design, written ideas, and futuristic constructive ideas,” she stated.

In addition, Lita also stated that students who want to excel in their PKM have to be disciplined and they must follow the rules of said PKM. “Every year, there are around 60.000 research proposals, but only around 4.000 are funded. The most grueling step is the administration step. They were not disciplined enough, so they did not get through the selection,” She stated. (ak)