Muhammadiyah Officially Launches Online University and

November 19, 2019 by : BHP UMY

Muhammadiyah has officially launched Muhammadiyah Online University and the App at the 107th Muhammadiyah Anniversary event at the UMY Sportorium Building, Yogyakarta, on Monday (11/18) night.

The launching of Muhammadiyah Online University is a step to anticipate the all-digital Industrial 4.0 revolution era. This MOU was prepared by Muhammadiyah as a separate system that could cover Muhammadiyah campuses throughout Indonesia on an online lecture basis. “The existence of Muhammadiyah Online University is to develop all-digital lectures without a campus,” stated Dr. H. Haedar Nashir, M.Sc.

In addition, Muhammadiyah as an organization that has always encouraged independence and has grown because of the participation of its citizens also launched the App. The App is a channel for paying fees and donations for Muhammadiyah residents, whether they have a Membership Card or not.

The purpose of this contribution is to provide sufficient financial support to support the continuity and independence of the company in delivering Islamic Da’wah in accordance with the Qur’an and Sunnah. The Muhammadiyah Central Board Decree no 140/2016 stated the collected contribution funds will be redistributed to the branch level, with the provisions of the distribution as thus: 5% for Central Board, 10% for Regional Board, 15% for District Board, 25% for Branch Board, and 45% for Sub-Branch Board.

Haedar implored Muhammadiyah residents to pay their dues using an application that can be downloaded to their respective smartphones. Indonesian President Soekarno’s enthusiasm for paying contributions was also used as an example. “To the entire Muhammadiyah family throughout the country, this is not just a show. I encourage you to immediately download the App to pay your fees. In 1946, one year since Ir. Soekarno was appointed President of the Republic of Indonesia, he stated that since becoming President he no longer had to pay Muhammadiyah contributions. However, in 1962 he reaffirmed that he should have contributed, because Soekarno was officially recorded as a member of Muhammadiyah, “he concluded. (Hbb)