Muhammad Nuh Invites AMKI to be More Aware of the Digital Era

December 16, 2019 by : BHP UMY

The Indonesian Campus Mosque Association (AMKI) held a Workshop and national meeting at the 5th floor of the KH Ibrahim E6 Building, UMY Central Campus, Saturday (12/14). The theme of the People’s Economic Empowerment Movement was conveyed at the afternoon session, presented by the former Minister of Communication and Information and Former Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, Muhammad Nuh.

Noah emphasized that the rapid development of good technology should be addressed wisely, not least for mosque managers throughout Indonesia. In this discussion, campus mosque life was emphasized by the former Minister of Education and Culture. “Let us contemplate, what AMKI will be in the future, what we want to design,” said Nuh in front of participants who came from various regions in Indonesia.

A Mosque is initially a place of prayer, discussion, and sharing religious knowledge. However, in this digital era, discussing economy matters in a Mosque should not be taboo, so mosques should use their resources to face the challenges of the era.

“Young people today are Socially Responsible, meaning they are easily moved and are charitable. We can direct that quality for understanding waqf, alms that are digitally managed by the mosque. We can promote alms among students like they could give alms every Friday through a cellphone application,” he continued.

Nuh invited the participants to prepare students to be able to face the challenges of their time, and emphasizes that AMKI needs to have young people who can adapt to the changing times and technology. “Let us work together to develop our mosques, the mosques on our respective campuses,” concluded the leader of the Indonesian Waqf Board. (Hbb)