KKN UMY Students Turn Plastic Waste into Polybags

September 11, 2019 by : BHP UMY

Thematic Social Services (KKN) Students of UMY group 101 in Jambu Village, Kepuharjo, Cangkringan Subdistrict, Sleman District hosted a plastic waste recycling workshop to process plastic waste into polybags. This workshop is done to reduce the amount of plastic waste in Jambu Village, which is in line with group 101’s theme of increasing environmental cleanliness of Jambu Village’s locals through the processing of home waste.

The waste processing training was done in the Jabal Rahman Mosque Hall on Friday (16/8) and was attended by housewives of Jambu. The workshop was led by a local waste activist, Agus Hartana, SS,. In the activity, the housewives were educated on the effort to reduce the amount of garbage and the way to process plastic waste.

One of the ways to re-use plastic waste is to turn plastic bags and other wastes into a beneficial product. In addition, the training provided by KKN Grou 101 also functioned to empower the locals.

“The aim of this plastic waste processing workshop is to reduce the amount of waste in Piyungan Public Dump (TPS). Until now, the people of Jambu Village throw away organic and non-organic waste without sorting or re-using them. With this workshop, hopefully the locals can process the waste into products like the polybag that will benefit them,” Tareq Aziz, the leader of KKN 101 UMY stated.

Plastic waste and the harm it inflicts to the environment are one of the main issues in the world. One of the negative impact is its effect on the sea’s ecosystem. Currently, Indonesia is the number two country when it comes to dumping plastic waste into the sea, after China. “Because of that, Group 101 hopes that this program can help reduce plastic waste from homes, starting from Jambu village. For the future, hopefully they can participate in small and medium-sized (UMKM) product training in the office of industry and trade (disperindag). They will use the polybags from the plastic waste for the village level Clean and Healthy Living competition (PHBS) in 2020 to increase their chances of winning the competition,” he closed. (Hbb)