KKN Internasional Learning Express UMY Developed Tourism Potential and Food Products in Kulonprogo

September 19, 2019 by : BHP UMY

The Learning Express (Lex) International Social Services (KKN) Program participated by 67 students that consists of students from Singapore Polytechnic, Kanazawa Institute of Technology Japan, and Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta will end on Friday (20/9). The Lex International KKN that took place in Beteng village, Jatimulyo Subdistrict, Girimulyo District, Kulonprogo Region, Special Region of Yogyakarta has managed to develop the region’s tourism potential and food product.

Hilman Latief, MA., Ph.D, the vice rector of student, alumni, and Islamic affairs appreciated the products and solution offered by the students of Lex KKN in Kulonprogo after participating in their presentation in the walk gallery. “We appreciated the students who have dedicated themselves to the public during their time in Beteng, Kulonprogo. By developing several ideas or creating a new innovative product, the students have shown effort to learn in the village and offer solutions to any problems in the village, Hilman stated.

Hilman stated that the International KKN program needs to continue, seeing that many students were enthusiastic to perform the social services program judging from the ideas in the gallery walk. This gallery walk is an exhibition of public solutions in the form of mind-mapping and student works during their time in Beteng village, Kulonprogo. The results shown addressed the public’s condition, starting from the slow and dangerous production of snakefruit essence, the lack of time management, and unsteady income. The solution offered was the creation of a safer and more efficient method to strain the fruit that can increase business through marketing strategies. In addition to snakefruit essence, the students also provide solutions regarding tourism marketing and crispy mushrooms product.

Zulhaiman Zikri, a student of Singapore Polytechnic stated that the International KKN program is more than just a public service program, but also a way to learn culture. “I am happy and thankful for this KKN program for giving me the chance to give back to the people, and I was happy that the locals were friendly and willing to teach me their culture,” he stated. (Sofia)