Jusuf Kalla Discusses Economy Empowerment through Mosques

December 16, 2019 by : BHP UMY

The mosque is a place of worship and a gathering place for Muslims. In addition, the mosque is one of the sources of prosperity for the community with the efforts of the people’s economic empowerment movement. In this case, the campus mosque which has a strategic role in building and shaping the character of students for Indonesian civilization also has a role in helping the community’s economic empowerment. This was discussed during the Workshop and the National Meeting of the Indonesian Campus Mosque Association (AMKI) on 14-15 December 2019 at the K.H Building of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta.

On Saturday (12/14) Dr. (HC). Muhammad Jusuf Kalla, Chairperson of the Indonesian Mosque Council discussed economic empowerment of the people through mosques. “The Indonesian Mosque Council has a goal, which is to make the mosque prosperous and be prosperous through the mosques. What is meant by prosperity is the number of people who come to the mosque and the presence of the mosque in the community to bring prosperity to the welfare of the people. The mosque has a part in economic and social progress, therefore it is important to advance the mosque,” he explained.

Furthermore, JK also said that the campus mosque has a role as a place of consultation to increase the faith of students and lecturers and to serve the community through teaching Islamic creeds to the community. “Chronic problems that need to be considered in Indonesia are economic problems and our task is to know how the community’s economy rises through the mosque, especially the campus mosque, which has a role not only as a place of worship but can also increase intelligence and faith, as well as increase the community’s economy,” he added.

JK added that it was not only Monday-Thursday fasting that need to be applied in the Prophet’s sunnah as a routine that was carried out by the Messenger of Allah, but we need to emulate the life of Rasullah on how to advance the people by imitating the life of the Apostle through trading. By instilling the spirit of entrepreneurship to imitate the life of the Apostle indirectly, the community can be advanced through trade. “The task of the campus mosque is to encourage the people by bringing in successful entrepreneurs around the mosque to share their experiences in trading and raise community motivation to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship. The role of the campus mosque is not only to build the nation’s character but also to build the people’s economy. In addition, I hope that the campus mosque will involve more younger generation of students who will prosper and take care of the mosque, “he concluded. (Sofia)