Entrepreneurs Must Know how to Seize Momentum and Be Determined

August 24, 2019 by : BHP UMY

This technologically-focused development has affected many aspects of life, including the economy. This has led to the current era being dubbed “the disruption era” that requires individuals to innovate or be left behind. This also applies to young entrepreneurs, for they must know how to look for momentum and have a great deal of determination. To that end, Muhammadiyah Youth Organization (PM) of the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) hosted national entrepreneurship seminars dubbed “Incubation Class: Starting Ideas, Developing Innovation, and Maintaining it with Discipline” and “Micro, Small, and Medium Business Outlook and the Struggles of Trade after the 2019 Elections”.

The incubation class is hoped to increase the knowledge and skill of young entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurial skills are a must for someone who wishes to be involved in certain fields. However, according to current data, the rate of youth unemployment is still high, which will cause social issues when not rectified correctly. Several social issues that can be caused by a high rate of unemployment include drug abuse, criminal acts, adultery, thuggery, trafficking, and so on. This condition will disturb national development in all its aspects.

The CEO of Group News, Muhammad Mirdal Akib, served as a speaker in the national seminar that was held in the AR Fakhrudin Building of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta on Friday (23/8). He invited the youth to start their entrepreneurship by looking for momentum and having high determination. “Currently, the era is themed around disruption, so we need to be creative and collaborate with technology. For those looking into starting an entrepreneurial business, you need to find the right momentum and be determined, or in Islamic terms, Istiqoman,” He stated.

Meanwhile, Agus Salim asked entrepreneurs to change to a start-up business model to face the 4.0 industrial revolution. “As entrepreneurs, we must be open to changing our strategy and business model. Back then, people want to do business to increase their assets. Today, people do business with no asset, but they explore the public or maximize existing things. Like how motorcycle or conventional taxis have been switched to a public-based online ride-pooling. So, we must ready ourselves,” he stated.

It is time for a paradigm shift in the mindset of the youth, from the narrow mindset of finding a job after graduating to becoming an entrepreneur based on the creation of micro, small, or middle-sized businesses. Indonesia must be the independent force in their own land.

“For that, we from PM wishes to strengthen the Entrepreneurial spirit, especially for the younger Muhammadiyah members by hosting national workshops with the intention to give a solution to the existing problem of Indonesia’s economic independence,” Abey Mukti, the Head of Economic and Entrepreneurial Affair of DIY Branch of PM, closed. (Hbb)