Alumni of UMY Civic Engineering Elected to Paser Regency House of Representatives

August 21, 2019 by : BHP UMY

As a Muhammadiyah Organization (AUM) that works in education, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) has a responsibility to contribute to Indonesia in many ways. One of those contributors are the alumni, who are spread across the nation. Hendra Wahyudi, an alumni of UMY’s Civic Engineering Program, was elected to the head of Paser Regency House of Representatives in East Borneo for the 2019-2024 period on Monday (19/8) in the Paser Council Building.

According to, 30 new members of Paser Regency’s House of Representatives were elected and sworn in by the Tanah Grogot head of national court, Boedi Haryanto, who represented the Governor of East Borneo, Isran Noor. The ceremony was performed following a full meeting by the Paser Mayor Yusriansah Syarkawi, Vice-Mayor Kaharudin, leader figures of the House of Representatives, and the vice leader of the East Borneo House of Representatives Andi Assegaf.

Hendra Wahyudi was a student of UMY Civic Engineering from batch 1997 who graduated on 2005. With his appointment as a member of the Paser House of Representatives, Mayor of Paser Yusriansyah Syarkawi hopes that all members of the legislative body can perform their tasks well.

“Kami berharap semua anggota DPRD dapat bekerja dengan baik, bersama pemerintah daerah menjalankan fungsinya sebagai legislasti, pengawasan dan penganggaran,” ujar Yusriansyah. (ak)

“We hope that all members of the House of Representatives can work with the local government to function as a legislative, budgeting, and overseer council,” Yusriansyah stated. (ak)